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Thanator panther Avatar inspired ooak FELTED by artist Pamela A Lee. Condition is New. Flat Rate Shipping

This is my 3rd Avatar inspired creature to date, the ferocious Thanator from Pandora! So far I have done the Direhorse and a beautiful Navi.  Make sure to see my other posts!

This Thanator is 30 x 12 x 8 inches in size. Completely needle felted with core wool around a wire armature. Hand painted glass eyes. Teeth and claws are sculpted from polymer. The top colors are felted with ultra fine merino wool and silk blends.  The legs (6), and the tail and head appendages are poseable.

I use a specialty blend of ebony, with subtle hints of teal, purples, and browns to give the basic black of its color more depth and interest.
There is much more detail to this than my photos can pick up, pictures just don’t do it justice.  The armored plating along its back are firmly felted into place.

This sculpture is very hard felted and is very durable. I use flexible wire in the front limbs which makes them easily poseable. The other four limbs are made of more dense wire to hold up the weight of the body structure.
All in all this one piece has taken over a month to finish. Making each of the 24 claws and 28 teeth, hand painting the eyes (I made several till I got the look I wanted). All the photo research and sketches I made to begin such a project took many hours.
My next Avatar project will most likely be the Ikran, Jake will follow, but it may be 2020 before they are finished as I have Christmas projects to make.
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I do accept commission work!

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