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Pika pika!
Pikachu says “Hi”! He’s searching for his fur-ever home with you!

Just finished his full-length motion picture debut!
He’s cuddly, adorable, unpredictable and your best friend! One that likes adventures, so take him with you everywhere!

My Pikachu and his poké ball are 16 x 12 x 8 inches. He is poseable! His arms, legs, tail and ears are wired and bendable. His eyes are hand-painted glass and they sparkle with mischief!

100% hand-dyed environmentally friendly sourced wool with slivers of lemon angelina fibre hand-carded in for subtle twinkle!

Hard felted. Embossed signed COA/DOB certicate -May 15th 2019
One-of-a-kind signed by the artist!

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