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Ooak Navi AVATAR inspired felt Doll by artist Pamela A Lee. Condition is New.

This is a one of a kind sculpture by artist Pamela A. Lee. Piece number 5 in my series of Avatar inspired felted sculptures.  This is considered fan art and will not be reproduced in any form.  This piece has been shown on the official Avatar Fan Art site.

This piece stands at 24 inches tall by 6 inches wide and 10 inches deep (as posed). It is 100% felted wool over a wire armature. The eyes are hand painted glass. All her arm bands, neck pieces and decorations are multi-media-wood, glass, polymer, stone, shell, silk, viscose, leather.  Her fingers are wired, so she can grasp her weapons.  She has leather gauntlets and breech cloth.  Her neck piece was very skillfully adorned with beads, silk, leather feathers to look similar to what was in the movie. 

She has luminescent speckles on her face and body that glow aqua blue in the dark after exposure to UV light from the sun or a UV light fixture.  Her hair is ultrafine merino wool, braided and woven with beads.  weapons are sculpted polymer, leather and silk.


The piece is very poseable. She comes with a stand. She is tagged and signed by the artist and comes with a stamped signed COA with date of production.

A massive amount of work went into this piece and the price reflects the amount of time I put into her.

Please see my other Avatar inspired works of art. This is a one of a kind piece of art and will never be reproduced.  This is not intended for children or as a toy.  Collector item only.

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