Commissioned Equine Portrait (Head and Neck) Felted


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Ooak Wool Felt Equine Horse Pet Portrait Commission. Condition is New. Shipped flat rate shipping.

You are commissioning a one of a kind equine portrait of the horse you choose. The photos are for reference only.

The portrait will be made of 100% wool/silk/viscose or other fibers depending on what I think will look best to complete the portrait.
Dimension will be aproximately 7 x 4 x 2 inches and will include a leather cord for handing and artist tag. The portrait will be head and neck only. Full body portraits can be arranged by message here.

To order you will send me (by message) – clear photos of your horse showing clearly all head and neck markings from all sides in good lighting showing color and definition. If your horse has eyes other than normal color – I will need to see photos of them also. Mane color, length and thickness need to be clear in the photos  (or your description).

Your horse portrait will be ready in about 2 weeks. I will send you photos of the finished piece for approval before shipping.
If the portrait is a gift, I can gift wrap with a note and ship it to an alternate address for no charge.

The pictured equine was recently done by me as a gift for a horse owner who lost her beloved equine by a friend of hers who knew she would love such a remembrance of her longtime companion.

She told me that when her friend opened the gift she was very overwhelmed with joy and cried tears of happiness at such a kind gift from her good friend.
She said the likeness was remarkable. I very much love getting news like this when I do memorial pieces – its very rewarding to me to pass on this gift to others.

I do everything possible to get the right look of the horse, dimensions and markings. Ive been told many times I’m very good at animals and portraits in particular.

I also do dog, cat, and other animal portraits as well as fantasy pieces as you can see by my work.

If you would like a full body portrait, that can also be arranged. Other types of mounts are also available.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding your portrait.

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