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About the Artist

Pamela A. Lee is a Colorado native.  She started drawing horses at age five and has been selling art as long as she can remember.

She majored in studio art in college, and after working both as a free-lance artist and a Senior Pharmacy Technician in hospital pharmacy for thirty-three years, she is now an artist full-time.

She started sculpting in 3D in wool and natural fabrics in 2018, and in less than 2 years has mastered needle and wet felting techniques.  She often uses both techniques in a single piece, with the addition of polymer for mixed media pieces.

She loves to sculpt both realism and fantasy and sometimes a combination of both to make a person or animal her own creation.  sometimes she sets out to begin an equine piece and it ends up being something quite different.

She does do commissioned pieces and enjoys working with the buyer to create a special visualization of a pet or a purpose.  Her work has been sold around the world, has been juried into shows, won awards, and loved by many.

She constantly strives to improve her techniques, and hopes that part of her art never gets old.

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